My Jobs…

First of all I have to give photo credit to my wife and daughter! Pretty fitting for today.

I have 2 jobs right now. My day job is as a software developer at a software company that makes point of sale software. I also run my own web consulting business called Kindred Web Consulting. I love both my jobs because they both allow me to show people what technology can do to help them.

My Day Job

My day job has its ups and downs. I have always loved the fact that I have a ton of freedom and that we have been able to put together a fix for a customer in a matter of a few hours. One of the joys of working for a small company is that there is not near the amount of hoops to jump through when something needs to be fixed.

My Night Job

I love running my own business. I am able to make some of the decisions that I have suggested in my day job and not been able to do. My real passion is helping people use the Internet to better there lives and business and this is exactly what I do. I design and develop websites, audit social media and help educate my customers on how to create a consistent brand experience across all the different platforms they may be using. I am also going to start offering online classes that will teach people how to do different things with technology. These are going to range from how to schedule a post in Facebook to setting up your email on your mobile device. If you would be interested in something like that let me know about it. Fill out this form and let me know about the topic you would be interested in learning about.

I have been lucky to have a few friends and family give me the opportunity to have them be some of my first customers. It has been great how things have started to grow and I love that I am starting to get referral customers. Thank you to everybody that has suggested my services to people and if you know of anybody looking for a website feel free to give them my info.

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