Crazy Cell Phone Drivers!

I am kind of pissed this morning. I was driving to the office this morning and almost had a lady hit me pulling out of our neighborhood. She was talking on her cell phone and didn’t even look to see if there was a car coming before pulling out. I can’t imagine that her conversation was so important that it was worth wrecking her brand new Outback. The worst part is that I live in an area that has very bad cell service. She was going to have the conversation drop as soon as she got 2 miles down the road. She was most likely going to spend the next 10 minutes asking “Are you there, How bout now?”, and eventually start looking at her phone hitting the redial button a dozen times.

I am not saying that I have never talked on the phone while driving. I have an Jawbone, and it is great as a hand free device letting me talk without having to hold a phone up to my ear. I still don’t even like doing that. It does decreases the odds of getting in an accident but it isn’t better than not talking on the phone at all.

I have to commend most of the drivers I see around Crested Butte. I tend to see a lot of them pull off the road if they need to make a call. I am not sure if that is just because they will lose signal if they keep driving or not but it doesn’t matter to me. They are doing the right thing either way. I know this has been a problem for a while but I can’t even imagine how bad it is in larger cities now.

Author: Chris Kindred

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One thought on “Crazy Cell Phone Drivers!”

  1. I don’t live in a “big” city but bigger than CB & it is horrible! Talking & texting is in most every vehicle! I agree, people just need to pay attention to driving or stop & talk!

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